Pittsburgh Catholics
Against Common Core

Pittsburgh Catholics Against Common Core 

Concerned Citizens and Catholic Families

On March 18, 2014, Bishop Zubik released a statement that made it clear that the Diocese of Pittsburgh will NOT be adopting Common Core.  Please read his statement here and an article about it by the Cardinal Newman Society

**Now that Bishop Zubik has issued his statement against Common Core, we recognize that there is much work to be done that extends beyond the Common Core state standards.  We will continue to advocate for true Catholic education all over the country and work with our fellow Catholics in preserving it. There are broad changes taking place in Catholic education, toward a modernist and technocratic system, with ever increasing State involvement. We hope to aid in stopping this transformation by educating others and taking action.**  


Our mission is to educate citizens on Common Core and to stop the implementation of the Common Core Standards in the Diocese of Pittsburgh's schools so that they may continue to achieve excellence through moral, traditional, and classical teachings, while offering families true choices in their children's education.