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You've talked to your Bishop, superintendent, principal, other parents, pastors... you've written letters, petitions, emails and had forums... and you've tried to do some things on our Take Action Now page. Is there anything else that can be done? There is so much more than Common Core... NOW WHAT?

Take back Catholic Education at Your School-

This pursuit to save Catholic Education came about through the fear of the entrance of Common Core in our Catholic schools.  But you have probably quickly realized that it is much more than Common Core standards.  The danger lies in the systemic secularization of Catholic education - through textbooks, technology, assessments, all services provided to Catholic schools via Title I (ESEA), state standards in general, accreditation, and in PA, the intermediate units, which seem to represent regionalism and where they appear to be virtually unaccountable with big budgets.  

There is so much to tackle; how does one go about breaking through this system to really change the transformation that is taking place?  Perhaps there is a simple answer... REPLACE IT ALL WITH SOMETHING TRULY CATHOLIC.  MAKE A REAL PROPOSAL to transform your school into a Classical School.  It has been done before in the country with positive results: increased enrollment, a renewed love for teaching, a deeper understanding of the purpose of Catholic education. 

Read the articles to the right about schools that have transformed into Classical schools.  You will be moved. 

**We have realized that most parents we speak to about Common Core have never heard of Classical Catholic education....It simply doesn't exist in this system. It really seems like no one is speaking about the beauty of this traditional and TRUE form of education.  This is not their fault though. How many parents were ever presented with this alternative? What have we been paying for if not true Catholic Education? ** 

When a friend and mother was sent articles about Classical Catholic education and its beautiful impact on a child and teacher and school, this mother was in tears, and said "I must have this now for my daughter  - it is so beautiful! - why can't we have this?"  Yes - why can't we? 

Thus - we have the next phase in this battle...we must start educating other parents, our pastors, principals and teachers on Classical Catholic Education.  This page can help get you started. You don't have to carry the Load - there are groups that can help your school do this. Your Principal would not have to do this alone.  The resources are out there!!

To the right are Links that walk through Classical education in different ways - they help tell the story.

1) Make a packet of some of these articles and links to the right and write a letter to your principal explaining this form of education and how you would like to discuss the opportunity it could present to your school.  **Also, provide this same package to your school board (if there is one) and/or PTA group. Everyone needs to be seeing the same information.  Give to other families at the school.  

2) Meet with your principal AND pastor to discuss these ideas.  Form a committee.  

3) Obtain approval for, create, and perform a survey at your school with the entire parent/student body asking about their thoughts, needs, and ideas about Catholic education (thereby confirming that it could be much more then what it is at your school).

4) Contact Institute for Catholic Liberal Education. Use their resources available.  

5) Contact other principals or schools who have successfully transformed to Classical education. 

6) Propose that your principal, superintendent, and teachers attend a Classical education conference (hosted by Institute for Classical Liberal Education during the summer.
  •  This may involve fundraising efforts. 

7) Present alternative textbooks that are not secular or paid for by the state. 

The process to change it back must start somewhere - and it seems that it must start back at the Local SCHOOL LEVEL - the dialogue MUST begin here and shift.  If your principal cannot help you, or needs to ask the Diocese, then let it bubble up! Let your proposal rise up and get answers as to WHY NOT?  In the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Principals do have the freedom to adapt their schools

The only way CC and the secular ideals of progressives in education can be destroyed is if they are replaced with SOMETHING else that is TRUE, GOOD, AND BEAUTIFUL!  


Articles about the richness of Classical Catholic education and schools that have transformed and embraced it:

  1. St. Agnes School, MN
  2. St. Anthony Catholic School, CO
  3. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, CO 
  4. St. Jerome Academy, MD and St. Theresa's in TX and here. 
  5. "Classical Schools Put Plato over IPad" - CNN

Excellent Resource for Classical Catholic education - their work is leading the way in a TRUE change in Catholic education:  Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

Their Catholic Classical schools project is a WEALTH OF INFORMATION: 

List of Classical Schools around the country: