Pittsburgh Catholics
Against Common Core

Pittsburgh Catholics Against Common Core 

Concerned Citizens and Catholic Families

About Us

Pittsburgh Catholics Against Common Core is a group of Catholic parents and citizens who are concerned that our choice for the best education for our children is being significantly weakened through the adoption of the Common Core State Standards.  Many parents have willingly sacrificed in many ways so that they can provide their children with a unique, classical, and traditional education that can be found in The Catholic school.  Many of us have children in both Catholic schools and publics schools alike, but we share the same overarching concerns. With this, our group's sole purpose is to have the adoption of the Common Core Standards reversed and to create a true opportunity for the Church. 

We are currently focused on stopping Common Core in Catholic Schools and in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. We wish to return control of education and school choice to its rightful place... closest to parents, and in alignment with our Faith, in which The Catholic Church regards parents as the first educators of their children.

Please CONTACT US at: pittsburghcacc@gmail.com