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Pittsburgh Catholics Against Common Core 

Concerned Citizens and Catholic Families


Bishop Zubik's Statement against Common Core  And compare to the Diocese's original statement on Common Core here where they talk about how they were going to adapt to it. 

SEE OUR PRESS RELEASE HERE - July 2013 - about the National Catholic Educational Association and how it is heavily promoting Common Core. 


***NAPCIS Annotated Common Core ELA Standards AND Common Core Math Standards - EXCELLENT RESOURCE!


Pittsburgh Catholics Against Common Core Statement on CC in Catholic schools - we sent this to Bishop Zubik in Pittsburgh as a summary outline of our concerns with Common Core. 

***The below are Good "GO-TO" articles...for Catholics against Common Core and to present to other parents, pastors, and educators - these articles lay out the dangers of Common Core and its progressive agenda in Catholic schools.***

- How Common Core Literary Standards Undermine Education

-Common Core: Twenty-First Century Peonage  - Professor Esolen hits a home run on this one!

Saving the Uncommon Core of Catholic Education

-Selling the Common Core to Catholic Dioceses

-Buying Catholic Support for the Common Core

-The Iron Cage of the Common Core

-The Federal Takeover of Catholic Education

Superior Catholic Schools Already Exceed Common Core Standards

Franciscan University Professor: New Federal Education Standards Rotten to the “Core” 

-Common Core Lite: Coming Soon to a Catholic School Near You - by Defendlife.org (this is an excerpt from their newsletter).

Common Core: A Threat to Catholic Education - by Phyllis Schlafly

-Good article that summarizes it all - by the National Catholic Register - "Common Core Education Standards Generate Catholic Concerns". 

-Common Core Commotion: Is New Curriculum Catholic-School Friendly?

-As Wise as Pigeons: Lessons Never learned - excellent essay! 

-The Ambitions of Bill and Melinda Gates: Controlling Population and Public Education

-BIG HISTORY - add this to the Science standards, and we see an attack on Absolute   Truth....New Gates History Curriculum Closes Young Minds to God

-Good one written by a Righteous Catholic Mother - Whose Authority Anyway? 

-What Common Core is All About

-Catholic Schools Adopt Common Core for Compliance, Not Quality

-How Catholic schools can and should cease this opportunity:   

A Case for Classical Education

**SOURCE DOCUMENTS HERE - Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative, Center for Catholic School Effectiveness, and NCEA documents showing how they have been working to drastically change Catholic Education 

**MUST READ BELOW** The below articles provide background on Common Core, the Catholic education system, and its roots in Outcome Based Education (Skinner, Bloom, Mastery Learning etc). It is so important to understand these concepts while reviewing the SOURCE Documents above. 

  • "Back to Basics Reform -  OR...OBE *SKINNERIAN INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM?" by Charlotte Iserbyt. Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America's classrooms.

A well-researched and powerful, in depth report on the history, motives, mechanics and content of Common Core.  This was written by a Concerned Catholic Grandmother in St. Louis, MO named Betsy Kraus.  It has been sent to the head of every Diocese in the United States as well as some prelates in the Vatican. 

  • "CATHOLIC EDUCATION IN AMERICA: TO DECEIVE THE ELECT?" By Betsy Kraus. This reports reveals, in one place, the groups and people who are working to change Catholic education in America. It asks VERY important questions about the underlying motives by so many involved in Transforming it.  A hard copy of this report has been mailed to every Prelate who heads an (arch)diocese in the United States. Or get the PDF right here: Catholic Education in America

  • "Catholic Gateway to Global Understanding" by Betsy Kraus. This report is as timely now as when it was written some years ago. It shows how global and behavioral education, and New-Age thought was promoted at the 1985 National Catholic Educational Association's (NCEA) Conference, and gives stark testimony to the beginnings of what has now replaced classical Catholic education. 

  • "MANIPULATING STUDENTS - REWARD AND PUNISHMENT" by Anita Hoge.  Anita was the subject and ain researcher for the book, Educating for the New World Order. She was the first to document the expansive data collection operation of our government establishing micro-records on individual people in the United States. Experimentation, illegal testing, & data collection is exposed. 

**GOOD RESOURCES about Common Core in general***

General and Interesting Articles

Great place to start on common core in general... or if you want to pass something along to friends and family…

Who are the Power Brokers Behind the Common Core State Standards? This is a really good brief summary of who's who. A good reference. 

Common Core State Standards: An Example of Data-less Decision Making - Christopher H. Tienken, Editor AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice

Pioneer Institute White Papers on Common Core - at Truth in American Education

"World Core Curriculum" and its roots... A MUST READ. 

Dr. Sandra Stotsky tells her experience in working on the Validation Committee of Common Core and how it was NEVER a "state-led" or transparent process..."Pulling Back the Curtain on Common Core"

What's Wrong With Outcome-Based Education?" by Phyllis Schlafly. 

Background on the Gates' $150 Million in grants

The Pearson and Gates Foundation marriage... 

Good site to find source documents on Common Core - go right to the source. 

Here's a great post that debunks the PA Dept. of Education's misleading "fact sheet"...

Sounds so familiar - doesn't it?? Must read - from the archives. 

An unique analysis of the real motives of Common Core - to banish God and competition from the school system...  Common Core Conspiracy! 

Next Generation Science Standards

They are here! 

An amazing evaluation of why the Science Standards promote an atheistic worldview and ignore the First Amendment. 

Kentucky battling them...Kentucky's proposed science standards for schools face another hurdle


A revealing analysis of the required Informational texts in CC, the lack of evidence to support that standard, and the faulty application of it...The Naked and Procrustean Common Core

Sandra Stotsky on the mediocrity of the Common Core ELA Standards

A More detailed review by Stotsky: What's wrong with the Common Core ELA Standards?

Comparison of Common Core ELA standards with Georgia standards

Gotta love Pearson... sample reading comprehension test - and here. For 3rd grade in a Catholic school.  The video game one is disturbing.  


One of the national reviewers of both the first and second drafts of the new TX math standards, James Milgram, talks about the flaws in detail. Very informative...

Fabio Augusto Milner Testimony to Indiana Senate on Math Standards - good summary of some things missing in CC math

Common Core Math Problems from an elementary school will astound, stump, and anger you.  

Good analysis of the problems with Common Core math.

Commentary on Math Standards by Ze'ev Wurman


Cardinal Newman Society has a fantastic Parents' Guide that also has alot of organized information. 


Must See Video of Dr. Megan Koschnick give Presentation on if the Common Core are Developmentally appropriate


Great video series explaining everything you need to know!


We need more leaders like this!


GREAT RESOURCE ON COMMON CORE....and Catholic education

The National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools