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Below are documents and presentations that show how the NCEA, Center for Catholic School Effectiveness at Loyola University Chicago and other groups have been working for years to change Catholic schools to mirror the secular and progressive education philosophies we saw with OBE and now with Common Core. In these presentations, you will see the behavioral psychology methods they use for their educational vision. 

There are a few other documents in here that are important to be aware of and also the written Standards from the largest Accreditation agency, AdvancEd, and also Middle States (for PA) so you can see how they are incorporating these methods and standards into requirements for school accreditation.  

Each actual document is uploaded here (the title in red), and then we also put the actual link where we found that document.  

***The Cure for the Common Core Presentation - Presentation made by Kathy Mears with the NCEA - EXPLAINS HOW IT ALL CAME ABOUT!!! found here. 

21st Century Catholic Schools - and Sixth Annual Department Chair Institute - found here. 

Leading Irresistible Schools - Ozar -  found here.

Monitoring the Mission (about Data Collection in Catholic Schools) - Center for Catholic School Effectiveness (Boyle) - found here.

Backward Design Presentation - Ozar - Center for Catholic School Effectiveness - found here.

Improving Outcomes - Framework - Ozar - Center for Catholic School Effectiveness - found here

Essential Questions Presentation - CCCII - found here.

Building 21st Century Rigor - Crowley - Center for Catholic School Effectiveness - found here

CCCII - Curriculum Intro presentation - Ozar - found here

CCCII - Project Overview - Ozar - found here 

CCCII - Opening Session - shifts in education - found here

**CCCII - Unit Design Guidelines - found here

**ORIGINAL Unit Exemplars as posted on ORIGINAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL STANDARDS WEBSITE and for the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative - it is important to note, that these were taken down from the site and the website was changed after diligent parents researched and found controversial topics, methods and materials. The new exemplars can be found here - the books for 1st grade referencing same sex marriage have been removed from the Grade 1exemplars and the 7th grade Friendship exemplar has been removed totally.  However, the majority of the content remains the same. This includes the recommendation of books such as "Go Ask Alice", "Daddy was a Number Runner", and "I Am the Cheese" to discuss the USCCB's 7 themes of Catholic Social Teaching (Human Dignity) in the Unit Design Guidelines. 

-Grade 1 - World Communities

-Grade 2 - Building Bridges

-Grade 4 - Making Waves

-Grade 5 - America in Conflict

-Grade 7 - Friendships

-Grade 7 - Challenges

Differentiated Reading Instruction used for Common Core Standards - Center for Catholic School Effectiveness (for NCEA 2012 Convention) - found here 

Differentiated Vocabulary Instruction - Center for Catholic School Effectiveness (for NCEA Convention 2010) - found here

21st Century Learning Future - Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Consortium - found here

Broader Bolder Approach - Sister Dale McDonald - Director of Public Policy for NCEA -on Advisory Council Member for this! - found here

2009 NCEA presentation on Homosexuality Tolerance - "Safe Catholic Schools:Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Challenges" - for NCEA Convention 2009

WAS found here (cached) but it seems to have been completely wiped off the internet... hmmm...

2009 NCEA Conference Details- session list (showing above Presentation on homosexuality tolerance)  - found here - see April 16 session list in here. 

2013 NCEA Conference Details - session list (showing same presenters among lots of Common Core and 21st Century learning) - found here

Dr. Lorraine Ozar's Book - Creating a Curriculum that Works  - Full text can be downloaded here - http://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED383069


AdvancEd Standards for Quality Schools - found here.

AdvancEd Accreditation Standards for Quality School Systems

Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GSLEN) - Ready, Set, Respect! Elementary Toolkit - found here.

National Sexuality Education Standards - Core Content and Skills, K-12  - linked here.