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We have been getting alot of inquiries about what you can do to fight this at the local level  - in your schools and your Diocese. We have found that it may now be at a point where it is best to start back on the ground - in your school. 

 Here are things that you can do to 1) Monitor the entrance of it in your school during the school year; 2) implement processes in your schools that allow for parental input and control; 3) Get the word out to more parents and fellow Catholics, 4) Start talking about a REAL CATHOLIC EDUCATION (Classical) with your teachers, principals, and pastors. 


  • **Ask your Diocesan school administrators for the following information: 1) Curriculum plan and how it will align with Common Core; 2) Diocese technology plan; 3) Assessment and testing plan - this is very important; 4) Overall implementation plan; and 5) textbook lists.  Further ask how all of this will function in light of the testing, assessment, and digital learning push required by Common Core and Accreditation agencies. 
    • As part of this, try to find out if your Diocese has a governance manual/framework/document that outlines the role of the pastor, administrators, Diocesan administrators, parishioners and parents. This will help you find out who makes various decisions and how they are made, which can help in your conversations. 

  • **Propose to your principal or school administrator that they form a Catholic Education Accountability Plan at your school level. This could be done through Parent Teacher groups at your schools or with a group of parents. It would be formalized and part of the school Handbook or Guidelines. 
    • This would include a plan to: 1) Review any documents, textbooks, supplemental materials and activities that parents and teachers find during the course of the year to be objectionable and not aligned with Catholic teachings; 2) Provide guidance and follow up training to educators on the objectionable material and why it was; 3) Communicate clearly to the parents the details of such training and follow up plan and that it has been completed; and 4) Remove this material and find alternate material that is aligned with Catholic beliefs and is further reviewed by parents and teachers. 

  • **Propose to form Parental Textbook Review Committee at your school. This could also be done through the Parent Teacher groups or with a group of parents. We see this in Public schools. 
    • It includes a review period in which after a book selection is made by teachers and administrators (and obviously after the Diocese has picked the books), parents volunteer to review the textbook in detail for a period of 30 days and provide comments and feedback. Once feedback is compiled by the school, the teachers and admin. then review and the process begins again. This allows the parents to be involved in what their children will be learning and seeing from textbooks. 

  • **Ask your school principal (and Diocese) to NOT allow anyone to attend ANY NCEA conferences, conventions, and meetings in various cities. Show them the evidence that the NCEA is aggressively promoting all things related to this progressive and secular education agenda – 21st Century learning digital learning, common core. See the Material Here.

  • Start a petition now  - this is the fastest way to inform other parents, and show the Diocesan administrators that you have other parents joining you in your battle. It doesn't matter what you are told, you should still show them how many parents DON'T want it in our Catholic schools.  A petition is a great way to do this. Try Ipetitions.

  • Start a letter writing campaign (or blitz) - to your Bishop and School Administrators. Send a letter writing blitz request out via email and have people contact you to sign up. Then you can assign a day to each person and provide talking points to send. This helps spread out correspondence to them AND gives people a day to focus on sending these letters (or emails).  Tell people to save any responses they get.  Here are some talking point ideas. 

  • Send your message and petition against Common Core via email to Catholic groups, Parent Teacher Groups, other schools and everyone you know in your area.

  • Write Letters to the editor in all of your local papers. This is a quick and easy way to get the word out, as many people do read them. Here is a good link where you can enter your zip code and get a list of local media - it is from Gary Bauer's Campaign for Working Families

For those of you in Harrisburg - See also the Harrisburg Petition Here for Harrisburg Catholics Against Common Core


Governor and General Assembly

Governor Tom Corbett (717-787-2500) governor@pa.gov

Find your legislators and the Education committee members here and here.


Diocese of Pittsburgh Office of the Diocesan Bishop

Most Rev. David A. Zubik, Diocesan Bishop

111 Boulevard of the Allies
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Diocese of Pittsburgh Department for Catholic Schools (412-456-3090)

Please contact the following people:

Dr. Michael Latusek 

Superintendent of Catholic Schools mlatusek@diopitt.org

Sister Mary Jo Mutschler

Asst. Superintendent 


Ronald Bowes 

Asst. Superintendent 



NCEA Contact Information

*President: Robert R. Bimonte


*Executive Vice President: Patrick Lofton



*Board -Executive Director: Regina M. Haney, Ed.D.


*Chief Admin. of Catholic Education: William J. Campbell, SM, Ed.D.